My name is Jagan Mohan, author of SQL articles. I have around 11 years of experience in Dot NET and SQL server. I love writing sql queries and optimizing sql code.

The main reason for writing articles is to share my sql knowledge with internet world and provide easy and best solutions to some of common real time sql issues which you may not get right solution from reading books or sql trainings. This also helps me in improve my sql knowledge.

An average, once in every 15 seconds this blog is appearing to one google search user in search results (considered week days only). This blog is receiving 90% of traffic from google search results. Thank you Google for recognizing my blog and helping me in earning additional bucks! I earned good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skill experience because of this blog.

It's My Life

  • Quote from Robin Sharma "Genius= 10% talent and 90% discipline". I am not sure on my 10% talent but I am confident on my 90% discipline!
  • I am a great nature lover and banyan tree is my inspiration which born from a micro seed, grows calmly, slowly, bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger, no one can think of compete with it, and finally it shelters to many species.
  • By end of year 2015, I have successfully maintained one decade of writing diary (started in 2006). This year, Continuing 11th diary! In 2015, as a 10th anniversary of writing diary, I had decided to set tough goal that is track effort of every hour, 7 days a week(24X7!) and I SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVED! Diary taught me many lessons with practical :-) You will know actual things when you plan things on paper and track results on paper! I read somewhere that it takes one decade for mastering. Seems to be true!
  • Painting is my hobby. See My Paintings
  • I am strong believer of “Health is wealth”. I loss 10 Kgs in 4 months (May 2013 to Aug 2013) by following strict food habits (not dieting). You will surprise if you see my recent photo. Surprised??! You can see how I loss 10 Kgs in just 4 months
  • Daily I eat an apple. I am following this since last 5 years (except weekends). There is a story behind this, in my previous organization CGI, they distributed apples on 13-Aug-2010 as a health initiative and I adopted that as a habit.
  • Daily morning I do brisk walk for 30 minutes. In a day, 24 hours, I want to spend at least 30 minutes on my health so walking!
  • I do not use lift up to 3 floors (condition is if I am alone) I am following this as part of my resolutions of year 2013 and still continuing.
  • Most of the times, I go by walk for shopping and other things if the distance is 2 kilometers (up & down).
  • Every day I head bath with cold water. I started this since 14-Oct-2013.
  • Some of the good novels I read, “Think And Grow Rich”, “The Leader Who Had No Title”,” My Experiment With Truth”, “Benjamin Franklin”, “As you Think”, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”,” Power Of Positive Thinking”